Middle School
In the Courtyard
We have many opportunities for outdoor learning.
Inside the courtyard storage shed you can find:
  • Giant Jenga
  • Scrabble Pieces
  • 2 presentation size white boards
  • Class set of individual whiteboards
  • Dry erase markers and erasers
  • Tools for gardening
  • Bird seed for the feeders
  • 2 Pagodas to put up for shade
  • Class set of clipboards
  • Tape measurers
  • Yard Sticks
  • Stopwatches
  • Adjustable wrench to turn on the water for using the water table
Greenhouse: We want to grow various kinds of plants and vegetables. All are welcome to go in and observe what is growing. If you have things you like to see in the greenhouse feel free.
Water tables: The water tables are hooked up and working. If you want to use them, you have to hook the water hose up to the “splitter” and turn on the water using the wrench. The tables are mainly for gardening but can be used for other ideas. Hydropower and aqueducts are two ideas that could lead to student creativity.
Composter: Thanks to Mrs. Teusher we have a composter located by the clothesline. Some teachers have been studying about composting and we are working on starting a composting team. This also will help with the Veggie U program with Mrs. Rae.
Sundial: A small sundial was purchased this summer. We are working on getting it in position so we can show students how to tell time like they did in ancient times
Pumpkin and Tomato plants:  We planted pumpkins and tomato plants but so far no fruits have been produced. Still a good exercise for the Scientific Inquiry process. Students can create a hypothesis as to why they think we do not have fruit yet, they can observe changes in growth, etc.
"Science Teacher hypothesis: There are not enough pollinators to produce fruit. It is my hope to plant flowers that encourage pollinators to come visit our plants."
Other Ideas for the Outdoor Learning Lab:
  • All ideas are welecome
  • Read or do math assignments
  • There are a couple maps anchored to the wall for students to glean information from
  • Students can observe and document what kind and how many living things are in the courtyard
  • Use the scrabble game to practice Vocabulary
  • Use the Jenga blocks to experiment with building structures
More learning space available: The summer school students built 3 large blue picnic tables that are located by the modular classrooms. They can seat at most 24 students where they can do lessons outside as well.
Principal - Paul Bailey
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