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   The Westmoor Student of the Month Program at Westmoor Middle School is based on qualities such as character, leadership, and citizenship, not solely on academics. The student of the month must be a diligent student, complete his/her assignments on time; show a strong effort to learn subjects to the best of their ability; prepare for class; and, has good classroom participation. The student of the month demonstrates excellent behavior in and out of the classroom, is well mannered, and respectful to both peers and teachers. The student of the month displays excellent citizenship by working together with classmates with a cooperative attitude, and exhibiting good behavior. Many such students display leadership qualities and serve as role models for their peers. Lastly, the student of the month demonstrates exemplar character through his/her compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism, and loyalty by helping to create a positive school environment.

   Each month the students who receive this honor will be rewarded with some special privileges. Some examples may include being featured on our school website, a breakfast or luncheon in their honor, a gift card to a restaurant, school supplies, etc.
   The student may be nominated by individual staff members and/or grade level/content teams. If a team nominates a student, only one form has to be submitted. Each month two students per grade level will be selected as the grade level students of the month. The criteria for the selection are listed below.

   Student Selection Criteria: The selection Criteria for Student of the Month are not to be based on any one characteristic of a student. We would like for the people nominating the students to consider the following criteria when evaluating a student. However, the student of the month does not have to score the highest in every category.
  • Academic Performance – including grades, class participation, completion of assignments (not necessarily “Honor Roll”, can include improvement of grades)
  • Character – displays one, some or all of the following: adaptability, compassion, honesty, initiative, loyalty, optimism, perseverance, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness.
  • Behavior – follows rules, includes behavior both inside and outside of the classroom, has not received any referrals or has gone a certain length of time with improved behavior and has not acquired additional referrals.
  • Effort – works hard and shows persistence
  • Social Relationship – displays leadership, willingness to help peers, shows respect to others, good citizenship or improvement in citizenship, respectful to peers and teachers
  • Attendance – attends school regularly and arrives to school and classes on time or displays a positive improvement in attendance
*Submitted names will be drawn by Mr. Jackson to select the winner.*
**Every classroom teacher should nominate at least one student per year.**
Principal - Paul Bailey
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